Offline Data Entry Jobs

Offline Data Entry Jobs

Offline Data Entry Jobs

Offline data entry jobs are those which don’t require the use of Internet. Data is either hand written or keyed in the computers by offline data entry operators.

Data is the backbone of the management. Many IT enabled companies and organizations need to process a rapidly growing amount of information. These organizations require skilled and efficient labour in order to manipulate massive volume of data involved. Hence many organizations today prefer to outsource data entry works to offshore locations, as it proves to be a cost effective and more economical option, and removes management headaches as well. Utilizing the latest technology, supported by internal programmers and quality control staff, thousands of documents are processed or converted each day from a variety of formats.

Offline Data Entry Services are most reliable for those who are not internet savvy. These data entry operators need not be highly qualified or experienced. All you need is to have good typing speed, good command over English, and basic knowledge of Excel or MS-word. The candidates must possess zeal to work for their personal growth. Various organizations deploy best infrastructure and advanced technologies like Multi-Sensor data processors, faster scanners etc. The combination of professional data entry operators and quality management enables them to guarantee quality data entry service to their clients throughout the world.

Offline data entry projects include offline data entry from Image file in any format, offline data entry of E-Books, offline data collection, offline business card data entry, offline data entry from mailing lists, offline sorting and indexing data in any format, offline data capture, offline catalog data entry etc. Home based offline data entry projects are also available which gives you the flexibility to work at any time of the day. This is an excellent opportunity for youngsters, housewives, retired persons and unemployed to earn in thousands by just doing simple task on computers. You can also work full or part time. The projects are short or sometimes ongoing. Your income will depend on the quantum of work done by you.

The economic success of offshore data entry has encouraged many global businesses to take the positive step of outsourcing their Offline Data Entry Projects. It would be wrong to consider offline data entry jobs as a separate domain from IT and BPO industries as most of the outsourcing services are carried out through data management activities. As days are passing various IT companies and BPO centers promote database management services. And it is obvious that with the setting up of numerous data entry services the data entry job opportunities are also increasing. It has been recorded that almost two million people are getting absorbed in offline data entry jobs. The main reason of this record number of the offline data entry workers is the disappearance of full time office based data entry people. Offline Data entry jobs have opened a new horizon of jobs for a new sector of employees which lead millions to work according to their convenience.


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