Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is the process of accurate and quick conversion into written form, the dictation by the doctors and others, regarding the patient assessment, in order to document patient care and facilitate healthcare services. This dictation covers everything that takes place between the physician and the patient. It involves receiving dictation on physical reports, diagnosis, consultation notes, clinical course, psychiatric evaluations, x-ray reports etc. Medical transcription is the primary mechanism by which hospitals and other medical professionals communicate patient record information with other physicians, insurance companies, etc.

The need for medical transcription has evolved due to many reasons. Maintaining prescribed medical records is mandatory in some of the western countries like U.S. The fact that the lawsuits and medical insurance claims are decided on the patients’ medical history makes documentation more necessary. Further doctors are frequently invited to deliver lectures at medical colleges. Doctors usually give extensive notes, on the case studies and their medical experiences, to students participating in the lectures. The inability of the harried doctors or health care services to sit and write those reports themselves has made medical transcription hold a vital link in health care industry. So, what does a stressed physician do? He or she simply speaks into a tape-recorder or make use of voice recording software on the PCs. This process of recording is faster and can be done even while walking from one ward to another. These audio files or tapes are then forwarded to a company that gives them texts in clean, perfect English for filing and reference. This is what medical transcriptions are all about.

Optimum utilization of accessories like computers, printers and variety of word-processing systems, digital system or voice file, earphones, a foot pedal etc is done for medical transcriptions. Medical transcription follows prearranged and conventional document format and is highly dependent upon trained professionals, known as medical transcriptionists. Even a miss-spelt word can cost to someone’s life. Thus, a medical transcriptionist should possess good listening and language skills, computer skills and knowledge of medical terms. This ensures swift transcription of recorded audio into electronic data which is further examined for grammar and clarity by a proofreader.

A medical transcriptionist does not require any advanced educational qualifications or a massive of capital to get started in practice, unlike doctors or lawyers. However, it requires a high degree of training and dedication. Students can take online training via internet, comfortably from their homes, and receive the same amount of knowledge that they might find in a traditional school. On-the-job experience has also proved beneficial to the medical transcriptionists, especially by handing records from a wide variety of medical specialists.

Medical transcription is one of the booming IT enabled service. It serves client hospitals throughout the nation and abroad. It is an interesting and challenging career that is attracting a large population of educated English speaking people. With the rapid change of outlook in healthcare and privatization of the insurance sector, documentation of all patient records will become mandatory for all the countries, which will increase medical transcription jobs in future.


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