Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical Transcription Jobs

Doctors or health care persons are always short of time to fill up medical records of their patients. But it is very significant on their part to maintain the medial records since they form the basis of reimbursement from insurance claims. Therefore the doctors record their findings into the tape recorders or computers with voice recognition technologies. These tapes are heard and then the data is transformed into a word processor. The local transcription company receives the data and they elaborate it. At this point, the medical transcriptionist takes over. Medical Transcription (MT) is one of the fastest growing IT-enabled services recently. The medical transcription industry originates from the US. It is the second largest industry in US with a very high growth rate.

There are enough opportunities in this career and offers tremendous potential for growth. Medical transcriptionists work via internet using automated software’s supported by a complete medical/technical and business team. A lot of companies today have set up a business enterprise into the field. These companies generally recruit people as trainees and then a formal training is given developing their skills so that they become experts in this field. Medical transcription is a profession which demands people to have good command over English language, good typing speed, good listening and grasping skills, familiarity with the medical terminology and so on. The job requires a lot of co-ordination between hard work, dedication and commitment in order to deliver the best.

Initially due to lack of knowledge and understanding of this new concept people did not gave any importance to this field as a career. Eventually, with the boom in the IT-enabled services, medical transcription gained recognition and now there are scores of institutes that offer training programmes on Medical Transcription. Processing medical transcripts is not an easy job. Medical transcriptionists know everything about a patient than anyone else, except the physician. Hence, a high level of secrecy is maintained while transforming the data into the prescribed form. People are required to be ethical and sincere with their work. A full-fledged training course would impart all this. They need to be patient and keep up with changes in medical terminologies and have the ability to detect medical discrepancies.

Medical transcription was initially an in-house affair where they used to complete their task within doctor's office, medical centers or hospital itself. However, with the advent of high-speed satellite links and internet, medical transcription jobs are now outsourced to the countries where the labour is very cheap. One can also choose to work from home for yourself. Medical Transcriptionists can also work in an insurance company, medical book publishing company, or a company marketing medical products or in attorney's office.

The lower costs of outsourcing have brought the MT industry to countries like China, Mexico, India etc. Medical Transcription is a job where you can keep growing and learning. Self oriented and successful MT’s can advance vertically in this industry. They can either be Sub-editors, Editors, Supervisors or even managers.


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