Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Medical billing involves submitting of claims and constant follow ups on claims by the medical service provider to the insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered by them. The same process is used for government or private insurance companies. A medical billing procedure is an intensive medical billing and coding program. Medical claims processing, Medical coding, Medical billing and Medical transcription form a part of Medical Billing service.

The billing process is mainly an interface between a healthcare provider and an insurance company. First a patient is diagnosed by a professional doctor and then a summary of treatment and demographic information is given by the doctor or their staff. Clear and updated record helps the insurance company to easily evaluate the correct level of service that will be used to bill the insurance. The insurance claims can be accepted or rejected depending upon authenticity of the information provided by the medical doctor. The level of service is determined by a qualified staff and is then translated into a five digit numerical code. Submission of claim forms is usually done electronically using Electronic Data Interchange. Earlier the claims and bills were submitted using a paper form which was entered manually. However, significant manual processing delayed the settlement procedure up to 48 hours or even weeks. Hence a medical billing software and medical practice management software has been introduced by many firms. Training of these software’s ensures that Indian medical coding specialists possess the most up to date industry information and produce excellent quality output for its customers.

Medical billing specialists have to undergo extensive training process for about 5 months to gain a wide-spread knowledge of the healthcare industry. Topics like medical terminology, human anatomy, medical law, medical coding and medical billing are covered under training process. Administrative topics such as computerized accounting basics, business communication and professional development have also been added in the training program. With the help of skilled staff medical billing services offer benefits like maximum reimbursement of your claims, quick processing of claims, guaranteed satisfaction, significant reduction in your practice cost and improvement of your cash flow.

Healthcare fraud has become a major concern today in the billing industry. Thus, high level of secrecy is maintained throughout the medical billing system. Employees are only permitted to access required files and folders, thus maintaining the confidentiality of customers and patient data.

The medical billing industry is responsible to follow the compliance standards in accordance with all existing payer rules and regulations. This ensures accurate submission of all its customers' charges within the specified timeframe. Due to rapid changes in billing needs and regulations, the billing staff ensures utmost security and confidence and promises full attention towards the customer’s financial interest. Medical Billing Service constantly strives to develop long-term relationships with the customer by earning trust through dedication and results.


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