Data Entry Projects In India

Data Entry Projects In India

Data Entry Projects In India

Many non-glamorous, labour intensive and time-consuming business processes are outsourced to India. The goldmine of information sitting in the filing cabinets and warehouses will go waste if the vital information is not processed on time. Hence outsourcing data entry projects to India has proved to be a smart and cost effective solution. India has earned a reputation in this field due to its quality back office services. In western countries Lawyers, Doctors and Certified Public Accountants are saving a lot of time and money by outsourcing legal and medical transcripts as well as accounting and book-keeping to India. Similarly outsourcing bibliography to India, too is gaining impetus in the Western Universities and Research institutes, as this removes the hassles and saves precious resources for other core activities.

Wide range of data entry projects are handled in India. Data is captured from printed, scanned images to perform data entry services. BPO firms in India provide professional data entry services. Data entry projects are carried out in a highly confidential environment, and the data entry operators are well conversant on the importance of its secrecy. They completely understand that getting the correct and precise transcription of information is the foundation stone of any operation or data analysis. They can speak good English and are skilled and talented enough to enter any type of data, develop and update database and can handle huge data at high speeds. Long-term relationships are built by creating and managing large scale high value digital content for corporate projects. The most appropriate method is selected for the projects, whether it's keyboarding, optical character recognition, or double key entry with verification.

Potential valuable information is unlocked by converting company data into printed matter, handwritten pages, images or mixed documents into digital format and then rearranging that information so that it is simple to manage and easy to retrieve. The data entry projects that are handled in India are: Data base entry, Legal word processing, Hospital records entry, Accounting and data input services, Web content production, Online store maintenance, Data cleansing and Data analysis, E-book publishing, Data capture from web, HTML / XML Conversion / Tagging, forms entry, Word processing service, Document coding/Indexing, Multiple choice questionnaire, conversion of digital files/formatting/editing and so on.

A few years ago data entry work in India was never taken seriously as a source of earning regular income. However, with the growth of IT enabled services sector in India, Data entry projects are undertaken by many applicants for the fact that such work could fetch better wages while allowing them to work at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes. Top data entry companies in India today are based in Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai and other parts of the country that undertake data entry projects India. Although the concept of Data entry and outsourcing is relatively new to the average Indian, there have been companies in India who have handled Data entry projects like medical billing and transcribing for over decades.


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