Data Entry Positions

Data Entry Positions

Data Entry Positions

Internet has transformed every aspect of human life including the way of earning. It has brought a brilliant opportunity to earn decent additional income without requiring any investment. Many IT enabled firms and BPO’s have opened up exciting avenues of employment, in the form of Data Entry services, for the unemployed youths. Data entry jobs ensure a fast paced development in job rank along with rewarding salary growth. The inexperienced, freshers, undergraduates as well as experienced personnel can join the industry. One needs to be energetic, ambitious, dedicated, optimistic and hardworking to enter and excel in the industry. Some popular data entry jobs include data entry, data processing, data research, data capture, data management, conversion of data, digitalization of data, content management, typing, form feeding and document imaging.

Data entry posts can vary according to the type of job handled by an individual. It can be numerous from Online/Offline Data Entry Operators, Data Conversion Executives and Data Processing Executives to Medical Transcriptionists, Article/Content Writers, Data Collection and Research Assistant, Data Proofreader, Online Marketing Typists etc.

Online/Offline Data entry operators: The scope for data entry operators is continuously increasing. They ensure the smooth handling of information by entering the data into computer, keying in text, operating various office machines and other clerical duties. The data entry operators could be typists, word processors and data entry keyers.

Data conversion Executives: The job of a Data conversion executive is to convert jpeg/ pdf files to word or text format by the way of typing. It may include conversion of medical book pages or e-book into text. You have the option to choose from many projects with weekly or monthly submission schedules. These works are available in bulk for firms looking for non-voice data conversion and a single pc work at home option

Data processing Executives: Data processing work is similar to that of data conversion but with the help of OCR softwares. OCR softwares automatically convert the image files into text format. The work can offer good earning possibilities and is recommended for those who are not so good in typing.

Medical Transcriptionists: Medical transcription jobs are very popular among youngsters to earn fairly handsome amount of money even by working at home. It involves documentation and filing of patient’s medical reports as required by the insurance companies.

Article/Content writer: You can utilize your writing skills for article/content writing. With the article writing program, you can type short pieces on any subject and earn money in multiple ways.

Data Collections Research Assistant: Here you can earn money by filling forms for short surveys and questionnaires from various companies.

Data Proofreader: As a data proofreader you can edit documents and webpages for companies and individuals.

Online Marketing Typist: This is a different way of marketing. One has to simply promote the products and services through ad placement, article typing, and more.

Besides the above posts there are Team Leaders, Project Officers, Managers, Customer Support Executives and Tech Support Executives who are a part of IT enabled industry.


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