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Data entry is an exclusive and highly recognized process of entering data from scanned images or physical documents into computers or a spreadsheet in order to get information into a database. This is usually typed manually with the help of a keyboard or speech to text software. Various organizations hire people known as Data Entry Operators or Data Entry Clerks for typing data.

Traditionally the data entry operators were hired temporarily in the administration section of the firm. However, in order to cope up with the growing demand for data to be processed, data entry clerks were hired on a permanent for data to be processed one way or another. Although there are plenty of software’s which can do a lot of this monotonous work, manual data processing is also a need of the hour. This has created room for employment for those who want to work onsite as well as from home. Hence data entry jobs can also be done by women who want to balance their family responsibilities and career at the same time.

In the modern world data entry is the most crucial and an exceptionally vital area of expertise for every business firms, organizations and service providers. This helps clients to manage, integrate, analyze, and secure their critical data that helps boost the performance standard and competence of any organization. Data entry is a unique solution offered by wide range of back offices and Information Technology Enabled Services. It is now a globally accepted process as a pre-designed data is very essential not only in India but also overseas.

Many companies spend a lot of time in operating data and data processing activities. They also have to face uncontrollable expenses like paying salaries, spending on overheads or investing in automated systems and technology. This acts as a stumbling block by adding to the costs and consume too much of your time in the process of growing your business and focusing on what you do best.

Hence, there has been a positive explosion in the variety of data entry positions and has encouraged the outsourcing of data to someone reliable, that specializes in the field of data entry. Outsourcing of diverse data entry services is a feasible option as far as cost effectiveness and quality are concerned and helps to concentrate on the core processes. Outsourced Data Entry Services utilise latest software and hardware specifically developed to convert large quantities of paper and image-based forms to electronic data for rapid and accurate data entry in management systems.

Data entry includes data collection, data logging, excel data entry, image data entry, book entry, card entry, online data entry, offline data entry, form processing, accounting data entry, insurance claim entry, directory data entry etc.

Well furnished and researched data helps in expanding and increasing the profitability of industries such as retail, finance, real estate and many others. Above all, Data Entry brings real business benefits to a firm by enhancing and maintaining their most significant data and information.


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